Questions Answered: So What is the Status and Future of the House?


We Reached Our Goal! Golf Event 2021

We are happy to announce that we reached our goal of $40,000 raised for the first annual Amborella House Golf Tournament held in June.  

We would like to extend a special thanks to all of our Sponsors, Team Captains, Golfers and Donors who made this possible.  We are so blessed to have everyone’s support and can’t wait for next year.  

Amborella House: True Story in Trafficking

A key resource in referring new prospective participants to Amborella House are shelters.  Shelter staff are usually trained to spot key indicators of potential trafficking.  They often build relationships with the youth or women that they serve over time. 

Recently, Amborella House received a phone call.  An 18-year-old girl was seeking help.  She would show up at this shelter on a semi-regular basis as a youth but now she was 18 and restrictions would not allow the shelter to help her.  There was nowhere for her to go.

The shelter staff called our office to see if we could help.  Here was her story.

She has been trafficked by a trusted adult since the age of 14.  Here is a bright, young girl who did not feel she had the choice to resist to preserve the relationship with this person.

Amborella House was eager to help and even offered to drive several hours to pick her up and get her to a safe place, but by the time the shelter worker could hang up the phone and give her the news, she was gone.  She left.  We do not know where. 

This is a true story that happens regularly with slight differences in circumstances.  Maybe the young woman is 22 and she has been trafficked for much longer with even deeper scars from years of sexual exploitation.  This was a small town in Northern Minnesota. Not Las Vegas, not New York or Chicago.  She was born and raised in the same small town.  It is likely that others in the town suspected something.  For sure, the purchasers who paid for the sex knew all about it. 

We can only speculate on the details of this young woman’s life, but the story is more common than you could ever imagine.  Imagine this young woman being connected to Amborella House.  A place where she did not have to pay for her food, shelter, or adult guidance with sex.  A place with a caring and well-trained staff to help her see a different kind of life where she could have healthy relationships, an education and even a career.  A place where she can talk to a professional therapist who can help change the narrative in her mind about who she is and her intrinsic value to God and those around her. 

Amborella House is a real place of hope for young women who have survived the horrors of human trafficking.   Sometimes by the ones they should have been able to trust the most.


NOTE:  Every donation to Amborella House helps to serve young women who have survived sex trafficking.  Please consider becoming a monthly donor at any monthly amount that you can afford.  You can make a one time donation or become a monthly donor by clicking here.  

5 Things We are Thankful For in 2020

Lists can be good reminders of the blessings in life.  In 2020, many people’s lists are filled with difficult items.  We have our own list of difficult items this year, but during Thanksgiving we are reminded that we have everything we really need, and this year is no exception.  Here is a list of 5 Things We are Thankful For in 2020 in no particular order:

  1. The Amborella House

In 2019, our organization was able to close on a beautiful home to serve women who have survived sex trafficking.  It sits on 6 plus acres of fenced-in land in a park like setting.  It is the perfect place to sort through the trauma attached to trafficking.  We are so thankful for the miraculous way in which that home came to us and the miraculous work being done there.

  1. Our Donors

We are so blessed to by a group of donors who do not just write checks, but they take real interest in the mission and work at Amborella House.  They volunteer, they pray, they stay engaged and they give.  Without their generosity, Amborella simply would not have the resources to stay on this mission.  Thank you to all of our donors, especially this year. 

  1. Our Staff

Our staff are truly dedicated to the task of brining full recovery to the women we serve at Amborella House.  They do their work with heart as well as their mind and body.  Serving women who have been wounded in such devastating ways is not easy, but our staff embraces the grind and shows up ready and willing to advocate for them.  Thank you to our staff. 

  1. Our Board of Directors

Every great organization needs a group of people who ask the tough questions and help solve difficult problems that always arise.  We are so thankful for a volunteer board who are passionate about the mission of Amborella House and are willing to apply the right pressure and bring real solutions to our organization.  They serve the women at Amborella House in a different and extremely important way.  Thank you to our Board of Directors. 

  1. Our Executive Director Terri Hopman

At the heart of every great organization is a person who has the vision, sacrificial dedication and strong-hearted determination see to it that something amazing is being created.  Terri is exactly that person at Amborella House.  She is always working, always pushing, and always praying for Amborella House to make its mark for survivors.  She is an inspiration to all of us and we are so very thankful for her. 

Of course, there are many other things to be thankful for but these are 5 really good ones.  Blessings to all and Happy Thanksgiving.

Amborella House LIVE EVENT Oct 13th

HUGE EVENT: October 13th!!

Register today at  for our “Fighting Sex Trafficking” virtual event on Oct 13th at 7pm from the comfort of wherever you are. 35 Minutes that could change your life and radically change the lives of survivors.

Learn about sex trafficking in your community and see how Amborella House is fighting for survivors of sex trafficking.

See how YOU can make a difference in the biggest cultural issue of our time.

Banquet still on… New location

We are happy to announce that the Amborella House Banquet is still a go for September 22nd, however the location has been changed.  

The Vadnais Heights Common’s was our original venue but they have cancelled all events until spring so we are happy to announce that the banquet will now be held at The Lake Elmo Inn Event Center in Lake Elmo.  

This is a historic venue that will not disappoint.  The Lake Elmo Inn was already our caterer for the event so it is the perfect plan B for our amazing banquet.  

Please remember that the Amborella House Fundraising Banquet is a “by invitation only” event.  If you are reading this post and are interested in attending to participate in our fundraising night, use the contact us form and we will see if we have available space at one of our hosted tables.  


News about Amborella: We are Hiring

Amborella House is Hiring!

We are looking for one full time and additional part time Shift Advocates to work at the Amborella House is Chisago County. 

  • Experience in case management is preferred but training is provided for these positions. 
  • Part time positions will be an average of 24-32 hours per week.

Come make a difference in your work, we are taking applications and resumes now and training is provided. 

Go to the Amborella Employment Opportunities Page to inquire.