Fundraising is critical to Renew Hope and fuels our ability to provide sex trafficking education & awareness, survivor mentoring, shelter, life recovery programming and resources to adult women who have survived sex trafficking.  

Renew Hope engages in various forms of fundraising throughout each year.  

  • Events based fundraising
  • Appeal based fundraising
  • Monthly donor based fundraising
  • Partnership based fundraising with local businesses, churches and organizations
  • Grant and Foundation based fundraising


Each of these fundraising areas is critical to our ability to do the work that we do for survivors of sex trafficking.   Each donation received goes directly into our operating fund to serve the women directly unless otherwise specified for various possible projects that we work to fundraise for.  

Special projects could be: Needed work on the house, a vehicle for transportation services, upgrading program elements, needed equipment or resources, etc.  


If you are interested in partnering with Renew Hope monthly or would like to make an individual gift please click the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page and thank you in advance.