5 Ways to Fight Sex Trafficking

Here are some great ways to fight sex trafficking:

1. Learn More
There are incredible amounts of information available on this site and many others as it relates to the realities of sex trafficking in America.  The more you know, the more powerful you are.

2. Talk to Your Kids
It can be an awkward conversation for you to have with your kids.  Be age appropriate, of course but know that not talking to them about sex trafficking is not making the problem go away.  Having an honest conversation can lead to some amazing moments with your kids. 

The average age of introduction into sex trafficking for girls in America is 13 years of age.  Look around this site or contact our office and we can help arm you with the best information to start the conversation with your kids. 

3. Talk About It
Silence is the great killer of progress when it comes to sex trafficking.  One of the best ways to combat sex trafficking is to talk about it with your family, friends, co-workers and church community.  We have a theory at Amborella House:  Once you learn the truths about sex trafficking, you can’t look away.  Nearly every person feels this deep sense that they need to do something. 

4. Pray
We believe that your prayers help us to make wise decisions when dealing with the issues that trafficked survivors face.  Please keep praying. 

5. Give
I know this sounds too simple but the reality is, helping women find a restored life takes resources.  This is really a job that requires the help of professional therapist, counselors and good people who know exactly how to care for women who have faced this kind of trauma; often at such a young age. 

Amborella does not receive government funding as it usually comes with restrictions on who and how we can serve.  Your generous donations are the fuel that drives our ability to help these amazing young women find restoration and hope in  their life.  

Of course there are many ways to fight sex trafficking but these are five worth considering in everyone’s busy, scheduled life.